March 21st, 2002


Into Thin Air...

Warren just found out the station is laying him off after the purchase goes through. He thought he was going to still be doing the Country Countdown show engineering after the sale, but his boss at KARA, who is the VP of Programming for all three stations, just gave him the news.

He thinks -- as do I -- it wasn't the decision of the Program Director of the country station. We both think it's because of the guy who attacked him last year. With Warren gone they can use the jerk any time they want.

Warren is upset. I am upset. Warren is afraid to go for any other jobs because he may be facing impending brain surgery which would put him out of commission for six weeks. Another local station needs people like him, but he's afraid to apply because of the pending surgery.

Warren is distraught. I don't know what to do about it. He doesn't seem to be able to help himself, which makes it that much worse.
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