July 18th, 2002


A Problem, Yet a Blessing

Tonight -- okay, technically this morning -- I tried to take a shower. I went to open the shower door, but it wouldn't open. Instead, both doors fell off the track, and the top of the track thingie popped off. Warren heard all the banging and thought something awful had happened, but luckily for both of us I was not at all hurt.

It was, however, ironic because I was taking the shower to put myself to sleep. I've been putting this salve on my legs for the rash, but it makes my legs feel clammy, so I put talcum powder on top of it. This has the effect of making my legs less clammy but still icky-feeling. (The salve is working, but it's so gross....)

Anyhow, there I was, in the wee hours of the morning, stark naked, trying to get this door on its tracks. Eventually I gave up and used the hall bathroom (I'm soooo lucky to have two bathrooms!). I started the water, got in, and then remembered -- too late to do anything without making a major wet mess, of course -- that Warren only uses Irish Spring. I didn't feel like smelling "manly," but I did want to wash the "ick" off my legs and the perspiration off the rest of me.

I did that, rinsing as well as I could (I don't like smelling like anything most of the time). I am now in bed, frustrated.

The blessing? That I have a shower with a door to fall off its tracks. Four friends of mine are or are about to lose their homes due to this godawful economy. When I hear about them and see what they're going through I realize how lucky I am.
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