August 15th, 2002


Was it hot in Sacramento, or was he really glad to see me?

I haven't written much of anything in the past few days because a) I'm overloaded at work and b) I've been running a fever that's been interfering with my ability to concentrate.

Anyhow, Warren and I went to Sacramento Tuesday to the Kaiser facility. As expected, they turned down his surgery. When I asked the neurosurgeon what course of treatment he recommended, he said, "None." He kept telling Warren he was imagining his symptoms.

The doctor claimed he'd only operated on an arachnoid cyst in an adult once or twice and "couldn't remember the details." I knew this was hooey. When a doctor gets a unique case, they remember it. It's the same with any profession. The doctor claimed Warren's symptoms were unrelated to the cyst (if that's so, why does the NIH disagree with this doctor?). I asked the doctor what was causing them. His reply? "I don't know. I'm only a neurosurgeon."

Wait a second. To become a neurosurgeon, don't you first have to become an M.D.? If so, he should know his stuff.

Next month we shlep back out to Sacto to see their head of Neurosurgery to get turned down by him. I'm trying to determine when we get to go outside his HMO (Kaiser) and see a real doctor who isn't being told to turn down his life-saving surgery.

Wednesday I worked from home for a while, then went on site. They had major changes to the installation guide that merited a reorganization of the guide. I started getting really woozy, so I went from there to the doctor (Palo Alto Medical Foundation's Urgent Care; my ENT is on vacation till next Monday). Turns out last week's sinus infection never went away and has relapsed with a vengeance.

I'm now on antibiotic course #2. I tried to work but couldn't concentrate. Since they cut my pay I can't afford to take time off to get well, so I now have to work inefficiently.
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