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FIGMO's Follies
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Tuesday, August 20th, 2002

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Animal News

They should've used Barry Manilow....

British scientists in trouble for injecting drugs in mice and blasting them with loud music

"Maria...I just met a roach named 'Maria'..."

Thai government warns against having cockroaches as pets

Either the pranksters, the animals, or the news editor was stoned....

Prankster switches lawn ornaments

"It's not natural for frogs to jump!"

Animal rights group calls 'jumping frogs' cruel and inhumane
Some quotes from Warren
"The 'Crate and Barrel' store at Santana Row is open despite yesterday's eight-alarm fire, but all the employees are wearing 'Depends' because crews are still putting out fires next door."

"I tried watching 'Teletubbies,' but I couldn't figure out the plot."

"Lady's growing too fast. Tomorrow I need to go out and buy her some Chesterfields."

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