September 3rd, 2002


Pre-Con Report

I've been bad about posting because I had two nasty deadlines this week:
  1. A Performance Characteristics and Tuning manual. This involved using OCR software to "scan in" 32 pages done in Mathematica and then hand-convert the equations and exponentials, not to mention hand-checking the numbers.
  2. The Local Resources Guide for ConJose. This involved last-minute fact-checking. (Lots of places I listed back in June had closed.)
Making these was exhausting, especially the performance book. I've never done that kind of thing, and just thinking about those pages after pages after pages of numbers makes me want to gag.

I wound up having to get an extension on the former for work; that was okay. I turned in both items Wednesday. I don't think the latter ever got posted to the ConJose web site (sigh). Instead, they printed up the crummy and (IMHO useless) two-page list of stuff.

I had around three hours of sleep between Tuesday night/Wednesday morning because I was so worried about getting work done. I drank lots of coffee, and I worked like crazy. The LRG got done before sunrise, but the other book got done around 7pm. Collapse )
[More to come when I'm more awake...]
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