September 12th, 2002


Update on Warren

We went to Kaiser Sacramento. The head neurosurgeon insisted on examining him without a witness (me) in the room. Neither of us was pleased about it, but there was nothing we could apparently do.

After 40 minutes I was finally called in. This guy didn't automatically rule out surgery, but he was trying to convince Warren he didn't need surgery. He also set up another appointment in a month for us to come back after he'd reviewed all the tests.

I think this guy is stalling us and trying to con Warren into thinking he's supposed to be condemned to suffer. He told Warren there's a 10% chance of further complications after surgery, but didn't give the odds on hemorrhaging without it (which he said could happen). He also denied the cyst had grown without looking over the write-up of the original MRIs the HMO had destroyed from ten years ago.
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On Communal Housing

In a recent entry the_gwenzilliad described a communal household she fell in love with. I am familiar with this household and appreciate that it works for the folks in it.

I also know I'd be miserable in such a household, and the reason why hit me as I was driving Warren home.
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Cell Phone Lossage

I have two cellular phones. One has been bolted into my car since 1987; the other is a newer Nokia digital phone. The car phone works; the two-year-old Nokia needs to be replaced because the power switch is broken. The previous portable cellular phone also only lasted two years.

The problem? If I had two digital phones I could severely cut down my cellular bills. I have astronomical cell phone bills right now; I could lower them to $60/month.

The gotcha? To install a setup in my car to cradle a portable phone in a way similar to the working-but-analog car phone it'd cost me around $350.00. Right now I don't have $350.00.

On the other hand, AT&T Wireless refuses to let me have a decent calling plan because they don't want to support the analog-but-working car phone.

I'm not sure what to do here.
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