September 13th, 2002


Life, Death, Survival, and Cell Phones

It's a topic guaranteed to yank maedbh7's chains, but oh well.... :-)

Life: Had to arrange for shares of stock to transfer from one account to another so I have money for the next two weeks. Were it not for this I'd be flat broke betw een Monday and the 29th.

Death: Jan Jewell has asked me to help her deal with the press in getting Leonard Zubkoff's obituary out. She's run up against brick walls. I made phone calls. I hit different brick walls.

I may have succeeded with th e SF Chronicle. Jan's e-mail to them took a week before it bounced; turns out she mispelled "" as "". I got the e-mail address of the editorial obituaries.

The Mercury News didn't want to publish it without a memorial service notice. They ignored the e-mail Jan sent because she wasn't a funeral home.

Survival: I had to make up the work for the day I lost taking Warren to Sacramento this week. Yesterday I pulled a 16-hour marathon. I was concerned about not s howing up on site. Turns out they tore down my cubicle and hadn't finished moving it and wanted me to work off site!

Cell Phones: My KLIV paycheck made its way into my bank account. I am no longer flat broke. I can afford to change my ph one setup, and given my cellular phone bills, I can't afford not to. Per johno and drewkitty I'm going to replace the good analog phone and the busted Nokia phone with a pair of free Nokia 3360s. I called Warren this af ter noon to find out what color he wants.

Next, I'll get the same plan johno and chriso have so Warren and I can call each other for free when we're not at the same place. This will further cut my bills.

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