September 17th, 2002


Somewhat Quick Update

Got the new cell phones; Nokia 3360s, for those of you who are curious. Warren first thought the blue faceplate looked "girly," but his mother changed his mind on that. (Warren's mom is pretty cool when she's not spouting televangelism.)

Lady and I are getting a better rapport. I can now tell when she has to "go to the bathroom" before she fully realizes she does. The trick is to get her near her wee-wee pads when I realize this. The other day I let her off the bed to piddle, but Warren had put her back on before she could do her thing. Needless to say, I'm now sleeping on fresh bedding. :-(

I survived a birthday party for a 4-year-old, complete with jump house. My friend Bruce and I lasted about five minutes in the jump house the two times we tried it.

Yom Kippur passed.
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cadhla, check this out!
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