September 22nd, 2002



Being Jewish, I have two New Years: the one on January 1st, and Rosh HaShanah. For whatever reason -- probably because it coincides with the beginning of the school year -- Rosh HaShanah has always seemed more like the start of the year than that weird date in the middle of winter. This time of year, therefore, is when I make resolutions.

I usually try to pick one or two items that either seem reasonable as goals or, if unreasonable-sounding, are things I really want to accomplish. Some past goals:
  • get myself a paying on-air gig on the radio
  • get myself a Real House and out of my condo
  • lose weight (when I do this one I avoid setting a weight I must lose because I consider that insane for me)
  • get my blood pressure down
  • lower my stress level
  • get a permanent job
  • improve my housekeeping
Every year I've had one obvious thing I've wanted to fix in my life. This year, however, is different.
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