October 2nd, 2002


Yet Another Sinus Infection

That seems to be the verdict, although I'm still waiting to hear whether the strep throat culture was positive.

This time I am on two simultaneous courses of antibiotics in hopes that they'll knock out the infection earlier. My stomach doesn't like them, but I'll deal.

Lady is nine months old today. I gave her a little pink stuffed teddy bear. In less than half an hour she'd managed to pop out the nose and was batting it around. Earlier in the day she somehow opened her pen, then opened the door to my bedroom. I wish she could jump on the bed already. She's getting closer to it every day.

Meanwhile, I'm achy all over, kind of woozy, and feel like crud.

The good news: If the strep test comes out negative, I'm not contagious and can have dinner with Eric Bogle in about 13 hours.
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