October 29th, 2002


Theme Songs

My friend lysana, in a recent entry, discussed her senior prom's theme song.

My HS didn't have proms, as there were too few of us to make one practical (17 girls and 15 boys -- and the boys mostly wanted nothing to do with us girls). We did, however, get to choose the songs used for processional and recessional at graduation.

I went to a small, Quaker-run school that was very much into concensus. Our class had never agreed on anything in the four years I'd been there. We couldn't agree on class rings (one kid rigged the vote in his favor by making sure it was held five minutes before everyone arrived), or even our processional (half the room wanted Stravinsky's "Firebird Suite," and the other half had never heard it and wanted to before approving it), so the faculty or one of the bossy kids picked Vivaldi's "Concerto for Lute and Strings in D." I don't know who picked it; I just know I'd never heard of the decision till I saw the program.

The recessional, however, was picked unanimously by all of us. The grown-ups were so glad to see us agree on something that they let us use it.

All I will say it was both "appropriate to us" and "probably inappropriate for our parents and teachers."

So...can you guess what it was?
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I don't want to get out of bed

I've been working on a pair of laptops this morning.

My puppy is cuddled next to me. Her fur is clean, white, and cottony-soft. She is being adorable and quiet and utterly well-behaved. The only noise is the sound of my tapping on the computer keys and the occasional jostle as Lady changes position or smacks her lips.

I have the space heater going full-tilt in my master bath pointing towards the bed. The bedroom temperature is just right.

The second repairman (story for another entry) to come to fix the heater fan is due between noon and 1pm, so I can't stay in this lovely state.

Sigh. I must face the cold rest-of-the-house.
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Heater down and out

When PG&E screwed with my power they toasted my TiVo unit and the fan to my heater. Today I am getting it fixed -- I hope.

Yesterday I called a service in, but they kept shuffling their prices. First they wanted to charge close to $500 or $600 to fix a burnt-out fan, "or it's not much more to replace the whole heater." Their idea of "not much more" was around $1400; not my idea of "not much more."

I balked at their prices and had them down to $300 when Warren talked me into having them leave a written estimate and leaving. Warren had decided these people were losers and had me more or less kick them out because his father's heater had cost around $500.

Later his father said the heater had cost $4500 when combined with an air conditioning unit. AIEEE. The neighbor across the street said these guys had been talked down to a reasonable price.

Meanwhile, I'd already called the folks Warren's father had recommended. No matter what happens I'm now out another $95 minimum. Grrr....
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