November 1st, 2002


My Halloween

I had the usual trick-or-treat crowd last night. Lady was oh-so-adorable, coming up to the door to let the kids pet her, but scurrying backwards just as they'd bend down to do so. Warren was surprised to learn I didn't have her on leash or penned up.

I checked my Energizer Bunny costume to make sure it was intact, reglued one of the pom-poms onto its drumstick, touched up a few rips, and I was good to go.

After 9pm, I picked up Warren's photos from the drug store, changed into a tank top and shorts, pulled back my hair, and left for the Cardinal's Halloween costume contest and to hopefully collect a prize. The E Bunny costume has more than paid for itself, winning every corporate contest in which I've entered it and one in which I didn't.

There were only three things that could keep me from winning:
  1. The judges wanted to see "sexy" costumes on the women and didn't care about quality.
  2. The judges favored a friend of theirs to win.
  3. The judges thought my costume was storebought.
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