November 3rd, 2002



Just got back from the Savitzkys' party. Had a good time and saw lots of LJers, including (of course) mdlbear and chaoswolf, and misdev, rmjwell, freyjaw and drewkitty.

Before that I rested, picked up pierogies at the Grocery Outlet (for the party, picked Warren up at his place (he was loaning them his car because their's died), bought a new hard drive for my TiVo, ate a quick bite at A&W, dropped the drive off at my friend Brette's to be reformatted for the TiVo, then dropped Warren home.

Now I'm tired. I was hoping to call dimakoi to see how she was doing, but I can't find the sheet of paper on which I wrote her phone number and my Palm core dumped before I got it backed up. Feh.
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