November 10th, 2002


My TiVo is back

...and I'm too tired to put it back together and hook it back up.

It's cold in here, and I tend to be a bit on the poikelothermic side. I am underslept, and I overate dinner (the pierogies were good, and I was hungry). I also think I'm fighting something off because my neck is a wee bit puffy.

I worked overtime today at the radio station, then bought and made dinner, then did a little work for the day job. Somewhere in there I started writing a new song. It was one of those things where the idea hit and I just had to start writing it down because it wouldn't let go of my brain. I'll maybe post it when I'm done, although I generally like to wait till I perform so the punch lines aren't blown.

Oh well....
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