December 11th, 2002


Update on Warren

The neurosurgeon at UCSF -- McDermott -- said he wouldn't operate because he had no evidence Warren's cyst had grown. DUH! Kaiser (Warren's HMO) destroyed the baseline MRIs, taken in 1992, in 1994. They have records of destroying them. Somewhere there's a write-up of those MRIs, but it's hard to find. Only one of the neurosurgeons who saw Warren at Kaiser had seen them.

Warren's cyst is operable. Instead, McDermott gave Warren the name of a neurologist at Kaiser San Francisco who could give him drugs to treat his "partial complex seizures."

Today Warren called Kaiser SF to make an appointment. No go; seems they will only take a referral from a neurosurgeon from within Kaiser. Ugh.

I just want to get him to a doctor who will operate. Period. The man needs surgery, dammit, not drugs to mask part of his symptoms.
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