December 15th, 2002


Insane Project OTD

I am going to make a dress in less than 24 hours.

I've bought the material.

I had to rebuy the pattern because Warren threw out the one I was going to use.

The material is in the washer in the hot cycle so I can preshrink it before I sew it.

Warren has seen me crank out much more difficult projects in this kind of timeframe. I'm guesstimating a maximum of two hours, including cutting time, for this dress.

What makes this project so insane is I'm fighting off a stomach virus. Yesterday, my last day off this year, I was supposed to get together with a bunch of friends for brunch or dinner. Instead, I was in bed, sometimes screaming in pain, in between trips to the bathroom. In spite of being ill, I worked overtime today.

Wish me luck.
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