December 27th, 2002


I just lost my day job

The VP of Marketing called me in to tell me they didn't have enough money to keep me on. My boss doesn't even yet know I was let go.

The engineering department looked shell-shocked when I told them, including the VP and Director of Engineering. I swapped business cards with the VP, and everyone said they'd give me a good reference. They seem like they'd like to bring me back if they can afford to do so; I made it a point to be as professional as possible.

Since I got home about an hour ago I've already applied for three jobs (I don't believe in wasting time). It's pretty bleak out there, but I've got to plug away. I can't afford to be out of work.

My goal for next week: Get all medical appointments out of the way while my COBRA still exists, and clean house. There aren't enough jobs out there to keep me busy applying 40 hours/week (sigh). I figure I'll wait on applying for Unemployment till after 1/1 so I get the better rate ($40 more per week).

If anyone needs a UNIX-savvy tech writer, my resume is available here.
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