December 28th, 2002


Radio daze

Today we had a storm. This made my shift at the radio station a bit on the adrenal side. The morning anchor had the flu and asked if I'd take over the air early; I had no problem with this.

Since my stomach was okay this week, I had no problem keeping on top of everything. The station owner/GM even called to tell me he liked what I was doing and to keep it up! That almost never happens in broadcasting; usually you only hear about it when you're doing something they don't like.

The Saturday morning anchor later asked for our boss's cell phone # because she wanted to call in sick for her Monday shift where she's filling in. I offered to take it. Tomorrow I need to call him to see if I'm filling in or if he's doing without. I need the money.

If I'm not filling in, I'm doing every possible medical appointment I can.

After work I went looking for a new winter raincoat. I zeroed out; the stores had largely been picked over. I found one I liked at REI but it's $230. I'm trying to find something a little less pricey. I need a water resistant parka that will fit around my hips and cover my blazers and that has a hood and zippered pockets.
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