December 30th, 2002


1st weekday of unemployment

Given that unemployment payments go up $40/week if I wait on filing one week, I have better things to do today than deal with the EDD:
  • Try to get my eyes examined. My COBRA expires Wednesday, and the interim health care I'm lining up doesn't cover routine exams.
  • Try to get my teeth examined and cleaned. I'll only be covered for dental emergencies.
  • Finish lining up my interim health insurance. I probably need to wait till 9am to do so, but I have to have it lined up by 4pm tomorrow.
  • Get a new rain parka. The one I have is falling apart -- literally. There are too many tears/cuts in it. I've had it around 10 years. Given that it's rainy season and this will be the first garment most employers will see, I can justify spending good money on it. The "fun" part is finding one that's long enough to cover my Job Interview Costume blazer....
  • Take care of Lady's long overdue AKC registration. No biggie. I'd planned on doing it today anyway.
  • Work around appointments to get last allergy shots of 2002 under old health plan. That one alone is worth around $50. I had already planned on doing that tomorrow, but it might get bumped to today.
  • Fill and refill and prescriptions I'll need. I've got one for Vioxx from my gynecologist to fill (for really bad cramps), and I'd already planned on getting my allergy meds refilled when I got my last-minute shots.
  • Get to Ralph's Smokehouse. I have $25 of free food to claim, courtesy of the radio station, and they're only open daytime hours. I usually bring mini-bagels, smoked fish, and cream cheese to my friends' New Years Eve party because I get it for free.
I think that's it. I hope that's it.

This all, of course, doesn't include the usual "madly looking for work" activity and trying to line up freelance stuff.
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