January 22nd, 2003


It's too early!

Since GAFilk I've been waking up before 9am. Rather, my body wakes up then, but my brain doesn't go online till around 10am or so.

This is frustrating. I've got work to get done, and being physically awake when my mind isn't fully functional is a waste of time.
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Well THAT's an improvement!

So far, despite waking up way too early (most of which I don't remember anyway), today is much better than yesterday.

I decided to have leftover French toast from the weekend, along with some shoulder bacon I picked up with my free Ralph's Smokehouse certificate (remember that one from1/31/02?).

Shoulder bacon takes way longer to cook because it's way less fatty than the standard bacon. What you get, though, is worth the wait. It's much meatier and more flavorful.

Those, with my cup of coffee, have left me much happier. I am being productive now and can face the day.
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