February 23rd, 2003


Meme du jour - stolen from bikergeek

1. Are there any classes of food you won't eat
Mushrooms; I'm deathly allergic to them.

2. Are there any whole genres of TV you won't watch?
Shows with little to no humor, especially if they're gory.

3. What colors will you never wear?
Olive green.

4. Music styles?
Disco, rap, muzak, and sometimes funk (Dad used to play it in his dental office -- bad association).

5. Actors whose movies you refuse to see on principle.
Refuse to see, none. I tend to avoid films by Pee-Wee Herman because I find him incredibly repulsive. Likewise, I avoid Arnold Schwarzenneger films because I find him repulsive on many levels (bad actor, bad politics). I also avoid Malcolm McDowell films because they tend to be excessively gory.

6. Categories of film that you avoid like the plague.
Horror, westerns.

7. Types of cuisine you won't eat.
Many sandwiches. I zero out at Jamba Juice, for example.

8. Breeds of dog or cat you would never own.

9. Household chore you hate enough to offload on the innocent and unsuspecting.
Any and all of them.

10. Most hated sport, either to play or to watch.
I detest sitting and watching sports in general (hey, I had to warm benches in high school; why on earth would I choose to do that?). I think the worst of the bunch is football.