February 28th, 2003


One week countdown to Consonance

It's one week till Consonance, and things are shaping up.

I've been busy lining up instruments to go with people coming in from out of town.

Our volunteer coordinator, chaoswolf, has been lining up high school friends of hers to work the con. Coolness.

I now need to double check the sound crew situation and make sure someone's lugging the equipment down. At worst I'll do it.

It looks like I've even lined up a roommate without trying! My friend Kristin left voice mail last night asking if I had space in my room. Giggle. Can we say "Music to my ears?" :-)

The Internet Lounge crew has their act together.

The Con Suite crew has their act together.

The Hotel Liaison is asking Programming for when rooms are to be "turned" from concert to circle and vice-versa.

The guest are coming. I'm psyched.
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