March 24th, 2003


Iraq around the clock

That was today's radio shift. CNN Headline News was running on a different break clock than normal, and I had to "ride" it (that is, monitor it constantly because I didn't know half the time when they'd be coming to me). We were under orders to run "no PSAs" (Public Service Announcements). It was just as well; the odd clock left me with four breaks of roughly two minutes each in length (some wound up being longer due to weirdness on their end).

I had to do traffic, weather, and if I had time I could run a news story or two or three. In spite of the schedule I had an idea for a story I wanted to do: Protesting Techniques.

I went to a Quaker school for my four years of high school, and often for assemblies they'd bring in folks to teach us the "right" way to protest. They had techniques. There were things you did and didn't do.

I called the San Jose Peace Center to talk to someone about technique. The person I got wasn't the most versed on technique and was really into getting her anti-war message out, but I couldn't push one side or the other. I did refer folks to their web site and phone number if they wanted more information, but the gist of the story was protesters in San Jose are sane. They make advance arrangements with the police. They don't puke in front of or chain themselves to City Hall. The worst thing they might do is hand a megaphone to someone who turns out to have a bad singing voice.

I was proud to have come up with a new coverage angle to all this stuff. I also rewrote the copy for the Operation Yellow Ribbon story to emphasize the quote from their spokesman saying how being pro-troops doesn't mean you're either pro-war or anti-war.
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