April 5th, 2003


MRI at last

Warren has his MRI (finally) at 6:10 this evening.

I'll be packing up my laptop unit and taking it with me so I can get work done while I'm waiting for him to get done.

On Monday he goes back to the neurologist at Kaiser in San Francisco.

Keep your fingers crossed that this time he'll get surgery.

Sister-in-law story

Years ago I was visiting my mother just before my niece's birthday. My brother and sister-in-law (I'm not on speaking terms with either) didn't invite us over, so my mother took the liberty of announcing that we were coming over on my last night there. I wasn't thrilled and really wanted to just dump the gift with the kid and go. Fast.

Luck was on my side. Mom and I walk through the door. My SiL wasn't around because she was at a karate class. Meanwhile, Mom exclaimed, "Why did she leave one of those stinky candles burning on the kitchen table? She knows I can't stand the smell of them and won't be able to stay long!"

I smiled inside. My SiL is classic p_a. Mom asked and answered her own question and didn't realize it.
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