April 21st, 2003


20 Questions Meme

This one stolen from cacie:
1) spend $10
A really good all-you-can-eat Indian buffet.
2) spend 2 hours
Seeing an enjoyable play, show, or movie.
3) make someone laugh
Put an ice cube in front of my dog and watch her play "hockey" with it.
4) wake up
After a long deep sleep.
5) go to sleep
After engaging in what I euphemistically call "people activity" when the dog wants to join in.
6) spend your last day in town
Doing anything I didn't get to do, seeing what I didn't get to see, and picking up last-minute trinkets.
7) entertain yourself on a roadtrip
If there are people in the car, conversation. If I'm alone, I do vocal exercises and practice my material.
8) die
In my sleep, preferably after a long life.
9) live
Never let myself be bored unless the money is really good.
10) spend a weekend
Doing things I enjoy.
11) spend a week
Doing things I enjoy.
12) cheer yourself up
Depends on why I'm down. If there's a problem, taking action to rectify the problem cheers me up. If it's because my blood sugar is low, eating works. If it's because of a chemical imbalance, it's time to see the doctor. Otherwise, just being around my smiling dog usually works.
13) relieve stress
Depends on why I'm stressed. If there's a problem, taking action to rectify the problem cheers me up. My aqua aerobics classes help, as do massages every other week. Beyond that, I'm still working on that one.
14) kill time
Doing stuff I enjoy. If I'm in a waiting room or something like that, playing games on my Palm IIIxe or reading the junky magazines.
15) take your coffee
Freshly ground and brewed, with diet sweetener and nonfat milk.
16) liven up a party
Infuse energy into it. Good food also helps.
17) spend $1,000
Other than paying off bills and people, a vacation.
18) spend no money at all
There are spectacular views to be had in the SF Bay Area.
19) tell someone it isn't working out
With honesty. If you keep the lines of communication open throughout the relationship, you can end up as friends.
20) tell someone you love them
With actions. Warren cleans. I cook and make him coffee.