May 26th, 2003


I like Chinese

Yesterday I worked my radio shift. I took it easy and set things up for the next night, figuring I was running on adrenalin and the "wet rag" reaction was merely delayed.

Afterwards, I went to the con, spoke to the restaurant management, hit fan tables, bought memberships for next year, and then foraged for a dinner run. My friend EPS was there. EPS is also allergic to mushrooms; needless to say, he was a welcome sight. I knew if we went to the same place we'd have "safety in numbers," so to speak.

EPS and I decided to chance walking down First Street till we came across something that looked okay. We came across a pair of restaurants that have been there for ages: "House of Genji" (Japanese), and "House of Cathay" (Chinese). Remembering the ama-ebi with the shrimp head from our last trip to Genji, EPS was strongly in favor of Cathay -- yes, Chinese food. We played it "safe," ordering from the hot and spicy end of the menu. I've never been poisoned there (I've eaten there many times over the last 20 years), and I wasn't this time.
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