June 4th, 2003


Lemming alert (Brain usage quiz result)

Consider yourself forewarned....

Your Brain Usage Profile

Auditory : 22%
Visual : 77%
Left : 47%
Right : 52%

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I was rather surprised to have come out so high on the visual end of the spectrum. Yes, I've got a photographic memory, but I don't react to visual stimuli as much as I do to aural stimuli. Go figure.
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One month till B-Day

My birthday always falls on or near Westercon. It's in the bylaws that it do so.

This year I turn 45, so I thought it'd be fun to throw a party. I plan on doing my party Thursday night so I won't be opposite the filk concerts. At midnight I want to do some kind of cake.

This morning I finally figured out what to do for the party theme. Obviously "45s" screams out, especially for someone who works in radio. Ripping my collection onto my laptop unit is an obvious thing to do (you think I'm going to actually take them to the con???!?). Until this morning, though, I didn't know what to serve.

It hit me.

Foods that were popular at parties when 45s were commonplace.

The years involved seem to vary a little depending upon whether you go for all years there were 45s sold (1950-1999 according to http://www.45s.com, or more like 1954-1986 (source years gleaned from multiple sites). Basically, the 45 went out of vogue when the CD hit it big.

The obvious but frightening question: In the 1950s and 1960s, Jell-o molds were popular. A couple of cookbooks I have from that era even have an entire chapter devoted to "gelatin mold salads." Do I need one, and if you found one at a party, would you eat some of it? (I always detested lumpy things in my Jell-o and therefore never liked Jell-o molds.)

Interview Meme Answers, part 1

From gridlore:
Who would you say is your greatest musical influence?

The program director of WIBG in Philadelphia in the early to mid 1960s, as that's what I mostly listened to growing up (Top 40 radio, back when it was much more eclectic). To this day you can tell what I'm getting paid to listen to (now that I work in radio) by the style of music I'm writing.