June 14th, 2003



Some folks don't like it when they're home alone. I'm not one of them. Besides, I've got Lady here with me, so it's not like I'm "alone" alone.

I've been enjoying having the house to myself. I can make music any time I like -- and I've been doing so. I'm having to rebuild my callouses, and while I'm at it I've been doing piano exercises. They sound godawful, but since Lady isn't complaining I don't care. Besides, if it drives away the jerks who park in front of my house at this hour and dump empty Budweiser (eeeuw) cans on the curb, so much the better.

It may sound weird, but I actually enjoy doing Hanon exercises. They're monotonous to listen to, but I can turn my brain off and just let my hands coordinate with the metronome and my eyes follow the sheet music. If I screw up, I just pick up. No big deal.

If I'm still up, now that I have decaf espresso beans I may try playing with my new cappucino maker again (I bought it for around $20 on eBay last week).

This isn't loneliness. I know Warren is safe in his bed in his house. Lady is safe on my bed. All is well.
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