June 17th, 2003


I forgot to mention my weekend

I went to a really wonderful party at rmjwell's and Ruth Anne's house Saturday to celebrate rmjwell's "westiversary" (someone there coined the term and it seemed to fit). It was a barbecue and potluck, and unlike most barbecues I've been to folks were bringing extra grillables to share.

My contribution was shrimp marinated in white wine (fume blanc), about a tablespoon of grains of paradise I'd coarsely ground in my mortar and pestle, and "a touch of insanity" -- Dave's Insanity, that is. It was just enough to give the shrimp a little bit of a kick.

Many wonderful people were there, including lysana (who's slimming down in real time--wow!), blackfyr, johno, chriso, zpiduda, and the_ogre, who teamed up with another person there to make some of the most incredible barbecued salmon I've ever had (his barbecued chicken was excellent, too). I wish I'd watched more closely when he was putting stuff on the salmon before wrapping it and grilling it.

I was in a crappy mood that day going to the party, but I came out in a good one.
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