June 21st, 2003


Can you fondue?

I have fondue forks. All the suggestions were good ones, but I wound up following mactavish's advice after zeroing out on two restaurant supply places and three thrift stores (one had a fondue fork, but it was so disgusting I wouldn't use it for my worst enemy) and going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I bought two packages of steel forks ($5.99/each) and three of plastic-handled ones ($4.99/each) so I'd have a variety of forks (thus making it harder for folks to mistake theirs for someone else's). I didn't yet get Jiffy-Pop; I'm hoping they sell it in Seattle. I need to either locate my old hot plate or buy one. No big deal.

It turns out I'll be arriving the night before the con (very late) and leaving the morning after the dead dog with live dog in tow (yes, chaoswolf, we'll be at your 18th birthday party after all!). I'm kind of glad the frequent flyer mile flights available worked out that way. It'll put pressure on me to finish the contract that has to be done the day I fly out, but once I get up there I can sleep in and then do whatever shopping is left.

Also, both flights are non-stop, which is good for Lady, since this will be her first time on an airplane. Poor Fuzzball's first flight involved a transfer in Chicago when we flew from SJ to Philadephia (longer, more annoying flight).
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