September 5th, 2003


Okay, I'll do that music meme

All these were done with my favorite kind of music (comedy/novelty):

Flying Purple People Eater -- Sheb Wooley
I'll Be There -- Bill Cosby
Gitarzan -- Ray Stevens
My Bologna -- "Weird Al" Yankovic
One Hippopotami -- Alan Sherman

Friday Five Meme

Shamelessly snarfed from gridlore:

1. What housekeeping chore(s) do you hate doing the most?

The dishes. I especially detest it if someone fills the sink with yicky sludgy water.

2. Are there any that you like or don't mind doing?

I like cooking, and I don't mind vacuuming or starting the laundry.

3. Do you have a routine throughout the week or just clean as it's needed?

Routine? Clean???!?

4. Do you have any odd cleaning/housekeeping quirks or rules?

I'm anal-retentive about the insides of my drawers, especially in the bedroom. When I put something away, it's away. When it's out, there's often no "away" to put it into.

5. What was the last thing you cleaned?

I put my breakfast/brunch dishes into the dishwasher.

Six Questions Meme

Shamelessly stolen from lots of other folks. Answer the questions in my comments, and I'll answer back #5 there.

1. How did you first find my journal?
2. Why did you originally decide to friend me?
3. What's your favorite part of my journal?
4. What's your least favorite part of my journal?
5. Ask me a question. Be as random as you want.
6. Have you ever met me in person?
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Must. Gasp. For. Air.

Warren and I just finished watching a movie called "Zero Hour" which is hysterically funny to watch if you've ever seen "Airplane!."

Suffice it to say the Zuckers borrowed rather heavily from the former (1957) movie for theirs, even including some of the more laughable quotes:

"How did they get sick?"
"That's not important right now."

"I picked the wrong week to quit smoking."

They even had a sick little boy (although I didn't see a girl telling him she liked her coffee "black, like my men" or being asked about "movies with gladiators in them" by the pilot) and a screaming, panicky passenger.
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