September 6th, 2003


This is about as activist as I get

From: Alex von Thorn <>
Date: Fri Sep 5, 2003 7:38:27 PM US/Pacific
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Forwarded from Monica Winkler.

Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 09:32:04 -0400
Subject: Spider Robinson
From: Monica Winkler <>

Hello Everyone!

I am writing to this list, as Spider was our MC for Torcon 3 and I know
that there are many of us who are fans of his body of work. I am doing
all of this of my own volition and Spider has no idea that I am doing

It came to my attention at Torcon that Spider has a Lady Sally book in
his head and he cannot afford to write, as the publishers think that it
won't sell. He mentioned this after the Callahan sing-a-long after the
Masquerade. I would like any of you who are Spider fans to write to
Tor Books, Baen Books and HP Fenn and ask them to publish the book. For
those of you who have never read Spider's work, please go to the library
and read one. If you fall in love, then please join the crusade! His web
site is

Here are the email addresses that I sent notes to ask them to consider
publishing a new Lady Sally novel. If you are interested, here are the
email addresses:,,,,,

I hope this is not breaking any rules of this list. Pass the word if
you want to.

Thanks for your indulgence!
I've already sent my letter.