September 26th, 2003


Band meme

From the_magician via fleetfootmike via sexybass:

Your meme, should you choose to accept it, is to rank the following bands in order, from COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT to COULDN'T CARE LESS. To add value to this process, you must also add one band to the list, and remove one band from the list, before passing the meme on (including these instructions).'

From the good to the bad:

The Beatles
The Grateful Dead (my addition)
The Eagles
Fleetwood Mac
Pink Floyd
The Sex Pistols
The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

I dropped Radiohead because I can't remember anything about their music, therefore they are sufficiently insignificant to me.

As for the Dead, they were such an obvious choice for me to add because the list IMHO looked so empty without them. :-)

Truth/lie meme

Shamelessly snarfed from lysana....

There is a lie hidden amongst the following statements. You get to guess which is the fraud.

1) I have sung on stage with Harry Chapin.
2) Barbra Streisand, Eddie Money, Janis Joplin, the Smothers Brothers, the Kingston Trio and I had the same vocal coach.
3) I have never appeared on a nationally syndicated game show.
4) I have performed at Carnegie Hall.
5) I have worked with Jim Lange (former host of "The Dating Game").

Fannish Rosh HaShanah Musings

This evening we welcome in 5764.

There's a group that throws "bid" parties at Worldcons for "Minneapolis in '73."

In less than a decade they could hold a real bid party.

If none of them throw it, I just might.
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