September 30th, 2003


Unproductive day

This past morning was my third early morning in a row. I am soooo not a "morning person," and early mornings have this tendency to suck out my energy.

I had my follow-up with the orthopedic surgeon this morning. The day before I almost slept through my alarms and nearly missed my radio shift (I have nightmares about doing this); today I barely made it to the doctor.

When I got done, it was gorgeous outside. The temperature was perfect. I was dead to the world, but I decided to browse around Palo Alto's Town and Country shopping center and drool at the merchandise. I almost went into Peet's for a coffee, but I decided to be more economical and have my coffee at home.

I figured after two cups of coffee I'd be ready to kick butt.

I figured wrong.

I collapsed into bed, and I didn't wake up till something like 5:30pm when Warren and his mother showed up. I fought going back to bed while they were there, but eventually I was so draggy I was able to feign an excuse ("I have to go do something on my computer") to get into bed.

Now I'm quasi-awake. My sore throat and irritated stomach (a side effect of the antibiotics) are keeping me awake, but I'm still draggy. Grrrf.
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From the back row to the bima

Remember how I complained about the cantorial assistant at Temple Beth Shalom's Rosh HaShanah services?

Apparently a lot of other folks complained, so he's not going to be doing Yom Kippur.

Instead, guess who's chanting the Kol Nidre? Yup. Moi.

Any help/advice/etc. would be most appreciated.
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