October 4th, 2003


Okay, NOW I'm panicking

Today the rabbi arrived in San Jose. She left me a packet of songs she'd like me to do tomorrow night.

It's 1/4" thick.

I'm not going out tonight in hopes of possibly making it through some of these. I'm about ready to crash and I'm terrified. I can sort of sight-read the ones written in simpler keys (two flats/sharps or less), but when I get something in E flat, AIEEE! As if that isn't enough, these prayer tunes often have complex rhythms or time signature changes every couple of measure.

To top things off, some of these are not in "my key" (as in "it hurts my throat or sounds screechy when I sing them"), but because of the way I am, I suck at transposing while sight reading them. I'm cursed with perfect pitch, which means if I see a C, I "have" to sing a C.

If I didn't have to work tomorrow I'd just spend the day entering them into my computer and trying them in different keys. Unfortunately, I don't have that option.
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