October 14th, 2003


Lack of Money Follies, Part III

At 7:25am I called the CA Franchise Tax Board guy.

Instead of getting his regular voice mail, I was forwarded to "a voice mail to which this user does not subscribe."

This is really weird. I figure one of three things is going on:
  1. The guy still works there, but their phone system is screwed up.
  2. This guy doesn't work there any more.
  3. He still works there, but he's ducking and covering because he did what he did to me to a lot of other folks.
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Your government not at work

I called the FTB 800 number. Turns out that division, despite the guy's original voice mail, doesn't even open till 8am.

I called his number after 8am and got his voice mail, with an option to press "0" for an operator. I spoke with the operator, and he says the guy won't even be at work till 10:00.
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