October 17th, 2003


I'm baaaack!

Today I finally got to aqua aerobics class for the first time since June.

I had barely gotten into the locker room when I heard a jubilant, "You're back!" It was Rose, the aqua aerobics instructor. I told her and a few of the other regular gals why I'd been away.

One odd thing I discovered from only being able to walk for so long is my legs were much stronger than before. It was freaky. I got my heart rate up really high (210 beats per minute), yet I wasn't at all out of breath.

I felt great after class. Now I'm tired, but I want to be tired now so I can be up early tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Northern California Radio Television News Directors' Association conference in San Francisco. I haven't been in years, and I plan on sneaking a couple of nutrition bars in my pockets, as the last time I hit an RTNDA regional conference I learned, the hard way, that I'm a brittle hypoglycemic (they have sugar and caffeine and little else to consume during breaks).
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