October 31st, 2003


Lunch today

Warren took his car to the shop, so I was stuck at home to do whatever for lunch, so I made pupusas. They are the Salvadorean equivalent of quesadillas, but IMHO somewhat more interesting, as the tortillas are freshly made and the filling is sealed inside.

I had some instant refried beans -- I loved the label on the package: "Instant fiesta in a bag." Hee. I followed the microwave instructions to make my "instant fiesta in a bag" while using my tortilla press to flatten out some masa dough I'd made earlier in the week. I spooned a few bits of "instant fiesta in a bag" onto the lower flattened dough circle, sprinkled on some "Mexican blend" grated cheese, sealed the disk, and put it into a hot frying pan. I made two of them, coming to the conclusion I'd slightly overstuffed them. They were okay, nonetheless.