January 15th, 2004


Oh yeah...GAFilk happened, too

I probably won't get around to writing a full report, as I've got too much going on. I just wanted to thank everyone for making it a wonderful con -- the concom, the honored guests, and the rest of the attendees. I enjoyed meeting those of you I'd never seen in person, hanging with old friends, and getting to know folks better. Lady seems to have had a good time, too.

As always, I enjoyed the quilting and the banquet in addition to the "usual con stuff." It's nice being able to just kick back and enjoy stuff.

The things that amazed me most were the lack of psychodrama, especially with so much potential for it, and the high calibre of musicianship amongst the folks there. When I'm the "weak link" in the room I like it because I can learn from the people around me.

Thank you to everyone. I've already bought my membership and banquet ticket for next year.
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