January 20th, 2004


Question for y'all

I'm asking this because it came up in dinner conversation the other day.

When you use a wallet, where do you put your coins:
  1. In the change compartment of your wallet
  2. In your pocket
  3. In a separate change pouch or purse
  4. Somewhere else
  5. Change? Who carries change?
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Why I asked about change in wallets

Since my wallet was stolen at the TSA checkpoint, I've been using my late Uncle Pete's wallet. Mom asked me if I wanted it the last time I was in NJ, and I said, "Sure."

She asked, "Are you actually going to use it?"

I said, "Probably." Well, I'm using it now. It's in mint condition, real leather, very nice, and the only thing that was in it was a card-calendar from 1978, the year he died. I left that calendar in the wallet to remind me of him, as he was one of my favorite uncles.

Unfortunately, Uncle Pete's wallet has no change pouch. I tried putting the change in a crevice in one part of it, but the change kept falling out. Right now the change is rustling about in my pants pocket, and I really don't like that. The guys I eat dinner with on Fridays didn't understand what was so abnormal to me about having loose change in my pocket, as they're all used to that and have always made fun of my "pregnant" wallets over the years.

I figure I'll keep using Uncle Pete's wallet for a while, but eventually I want to get one with a change pouch. Since I like carrying my wallet in my pants pocket, I may try to get a men's wallet in the UK that has a change pouch. I have seen some with change pouches in California; I suspect it's because of the large number of immigrants from Asia and India here.

In search of Really Good Indian Food

I had an interview in Milpitas late this afternoon (5pm). As I was getting ready to go, flower_cat phoned and told me about a Really Good Indian Restaurant near the Consonance hotel (also in Milpitas). Needless to say, my curiosity was piqued.

I didn't get out of the interview till after 7pm, and since I hadn't eaten since the afternoon, I decided getting food was A Really Good Idea. I then set out to find this place. flower_cat said this place was "the coffee shop attached to the Super 8 on the other side of the highway." I called her when I couldn't find it after 15 minutes; she gave me the name of the place ("Bombay Cafe and Curry"). I spent half an hour driving around, looking for a Super 8 in Milpitas. I then pulled in at a shopping center with pay phones that had phone books.

It turns out there are no Super 8 motels in Milpitas, but there is a Bombay Cafe and Curry. It was on "Valley Way." Next, I had to find "Valley Way" with no map. After tooling around for five minutes of driving down side roads, I found Valley Way off Abbott Avenue. The restaurant is attached to the Best Western motel. I ordered a dish with paneer in a tomato cream sauce, garlic naan, and pilau. The pilau was nice -- fluffy, flavorful, but not overpowering. The paneer and sauce were gently spiced (by my standards, anyway). The garlic naan kicked ass; it was really garlicky.

Perhaps the best features of this place, though, were it's really close to the hotel, and it was uncrowded (IMHO largely because of its hidden location), making it a great place to shlep to when folks need to rush dinner at a filk con. I'm not sure whether it's big enough to hold enough of us for a post-con dinner; I need to check it out again when my head isn't pounding from lack of sleep and too long between feedings.
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Coming soon: Another Hellish Afternoon

Tomorrow I take Warren to the neurologist. I fear the guy is going to put him on Yet Another Anti-Seizure Drug That Is Going To Give Him A Rash.

Warren still hasn't fully recovered from his reaction to the Lamictal (major skin rash and some swelling). I wish these stupid people would just operate and fix him already.

Unfortunately, I fear Warren is going to have his hopes dashed yet again. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm almost getting hardened to this.
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