January 28th, 2004



I haven't posted much lately. Heck, I haven't had time to read everyone's journals lately, and for that I apologize. I care about y'all; I'm just swamped. In a nutshell, I'm:
  • trying to prepare for my upcoming trip to the UK. One week from this time I'll at O'Hare Airport awaiting the final stretch of my trip. As of today my replacement driver's license has arrived, but no passport yet. Yeegs.
  • I checked the British Consulate. I can bring a few lemons from the Savitzkys' tree. Now I have to figure out when I'm supposed to get there to pick them (assuming it's okay with y'all, flower_cat and mdlbear)...
  • busy working on MIDI files and such for both my UK trip and my CD project. I updated my copy of "Band in a Box" on the promise that I could create a new style by sucking in an existing MIDI file. The support guy lied; turns out that feature only exists on the PC version, and I told him I was on a Mac. Tomorrow I get to call his boss (she was out sick today) and see what they can do to appease me. I am L-I-V-I-D about spewing out money I don't have for software that doesn't have the feature I bought it for. Instead, I'm having to use my slightly out-of-date version of Finale Allegro to create the damned MIDI file from scratch. Grrrf. As Murphy's Law would have it, as things were starting to click, the damned computer crashed.
  • swapping shifts with the Saturday afternoon anchor, and not for pleasure reasons. A certain someone has Yet Another MRI this Sunday morning at 9am in San Francisco. Yes, that's StupidBowl Sunday. When I used to not work Sundays I'd get together with friends and hit a place that's normally mobbed. This year most of my friends are doing a Firefly marathon that doesn't quite work with my work and chauffeuring schedule. A trip to the Exploratorium would, however, since we'd be in San Francisco anyway. Warren is usually very uncomfortable being in public places because he's ashamed of himself (think of "Charly" in "Flowers for Algernon" when he knew his brain was going and you've got the idea), but this would be ideal because on StupidBowl Sunday there are fewer bratty kids to scrape away from the exhibits, making them available to the rest of us. I figure, though, he'll sedate himself into a stupor, making him little more than vegetable matter and me mostly bored. Double-grrrf.
  • I'm trying to get my obligations out of the way regarding this year's Consonance (mdlbear's bio and the chairman's message for the Program Book, making sure everything is covered, and trying to get out a progress report) before I fly out, as well as set up things for next year's con. I call it "Bruce Pelz Syndrome" because if, Ghu forbid, something happens to me on this trip, I want things set up so well they can almost run themselves.
  • trying to make sure all my bills are caught up before I head to England. 'Nuff said.
  • busy trying to line up a "day job." This week I've had one on-site interview, spoken to a recruiter, and had a phone interviewer flake on me. I also did extra fill-in work at KLIV, and I've got another fill-in shift next week.
  • straightened out the folks at EDD (unemployment), explaining how I can still be working yet eligible to collect (it's called "underemployment," kids!)
  • trying to get the little toe on my right foot to stop blistering. It's been forming blisters on top of blisters for the last week or two. I'm now guessing it's a fungal infection and am using an antifungal creme to see if it works (why do they put that stuff with the "jock itch" meds when half the population doesn't get "jock itch?")
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