March 14th, 2004


Friday Five, a little late

What was the last song you heard?
Other than the CNN Headline News bumper music or commercial jingles, it'd have to be "I'm in Love With a Two-Headed Alien."

What were the last two movies you saw?
"Lost in Translation" and "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

What were the last three things you purchased?
Gas, dinner, and a sugar-free Crystal Light Slurpee(tm).

What four things do (did) you need to do this weekend?
Sleep, go to the Savitzkys' "It's Green" party, work at KLIV, do some graphics for Consonance.

Who are the last five people you talked to?
Warren, Wayne and Sylvia (my across-the-street neighbors), Chad Johnson, and Judy Peterson (two folks at KLIV).

The Name Meme

Stolen from many other journals....

That Name Meme. If you call me...

Lynn, you're either a friend, co-worker, or someone who has known me primarily in-person any time since my teens.

Lynnie, you're either a relative, someone who's known me since I was a young child, or you've seen or heard someone calling me that.

Lynn Ann, you're either my mother or my brother and you're trying to get under my skin, or you've read my name off my resume and aren't sure what to call me.

Figmo, you either mostly know me from online or have discovered my "handle" and get a kick out of using it (and you don't realize it's spelled with ALL CAPS).

Gayle, you were in my eartraining class years ago or you heard me on KGO during my brief stint reporting traffic for them.

Horse Face, you rode the bus from Willingboro to Moorestown Friends with me (and if you ever call me that, you're dead meat).

lgold, you're a sysadmin at my day job.

Princess, you're Warren, and you're the only person who can get away with calling me that.

Mrs. Gold, you're either a telephone solicitor or an ill-mannered person.

Miss Gold, you're someone who's either addressing me formally or someone who doesn't know me but at least has manners.

Mr. Gold, you're either a telemarketer or someone sending me junk mail .

Lynn A. Gold, you're some company who got my name off a form.

Ann, you're someone who mistakenly took my middle name as my first name from some form.

Dr. Gold, you're a friend being silly. (Normally I correct folks when they do this, as "Dr. Gold" was my father, and "Mr. Gold" is my brother. This was also how we distributed mail in our house -- I got all the "Miss Gold" and "Ms. Gold" mail, Mom got all the "Mrs. Gold" mail, Dad got "Dr. Gold, my brother got "Mr. Gold," and if it was addressed to "Occupant" or "Resident," the family dog got it.)

Mrs. Crispin, you're over 15 years out of date.


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