March 24th, 2004


Rock and roll (and all that jazz)

I'm still pitching and bobbing despite the infection being gone. Sometimes it gets in the way of my being able to concentrate.

Meanwhile, work on my CD continues. I spent way longer on the MIDI file for "Gonna Buy Me a Whale" than I'd expected to. I got most of it done, but then I was tweaking like crazy. Finale also gets clunkier and clunkier as you add more and more things to your music. I'm not sure how to get around that.

Work at the day job continues. I'm starting to get the hang of this place. So far I've been at least one step ahead with my work. Soon they're going to have me doing some software testing. I figured I'd been hired because they realized they could throw me just about anywhere they needed extra help. It's been ages since I ran official software tests, and I'm kind of looking forward to this.

I nearly choked on lunch today when I was talking with one of my younger co-workers about how much video games have changed over the years since "the good old days."

He said, "Yeah, things have come a long way since Super Mario."

Um...I was thinking of Pong. I was my high school's Pong champion. Yes, that dates me. I didn't retell the story of how Don Woods, the author of "Adventure" (that famous text game) was talking with a couple of younger co-workers at Sun when one asked, "So how many megs did your first computer have?
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