April 10th, 2004


I don't know why I'm up right now

I should be sleeping. I fell asleep rather early (for me) this overnight (around 11:30pm), then woke around 2am to the sound of Lady's "Muppet dance" for when she wants to come up on the bed. I didn't have stuff stacked on the right side of the bed Just Right for her to climb up herself, so I helped her up.

I think all the caffeine I've had to ingest to keep going is getting to me. I've been doubling up on antihistamines, and while they're helping the vertigo (finally!), they're not helping my alertness level. It could also be the antihistamines (or one of them) are wearing off. Actually, looking at the clock I think that is what happened. Ugh.

I tried logging onto filkhaven from two different clients, but neither could connect. I tried the CGI client and Java client from two different browsers only to discover they don't work under OSX. :-(

At least it's just Lady and me tonight, so I don't have to worry about waking Warren or tiptoeing around him. Lady keeps wanting to play, and I think her enthusiasm and energy is rubbing off onto me a little bit. I am so happy to be with her I don't care what time it is as long as she's glad to be with me. :-)
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