April 16th, 2004


When Worlds Collide

A conversation at the day job yesterday went like this:

Co-Worker: Did you know there's a woman on the radio with the same exact name as you? She's on 1590, KLIV.

Me: (Going into my usual KLIV shtick in my "radio voice") Lynn Gold, 1590, KLIV, Silicon Valley's News Station and the South Bay's home for CNN Headline News."

CW: So you've heard of her?
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A silly moment from tonight

We were talking about cool dogs and cool dog breeds at a get-together when the subject of corgis came up. karisu_sama and didjiman will appreciate this snippet of nonsequiturs.

"I have friends with two corgis. One is blind, and one is deaf..."

"...And together they fight crime!"
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