April 19th, 2004


Warren's latest trip to the neurologist

A couple of months ago we went to the head neurologist at UCSF. This guy seemed to light a fire under the doctor at Warren's HMO. He's going to arrange for Warren to spend a week at UCSF Medical Center with his brain hooked up to a bunch of electrodes to see if they can capture one of his episodes/seizures/whatever you want to call them. The one "gotcha" is the place is booked through at least the end of June, and Warren's whatever's are most severe during changes in barometric pressure. California doesn't really have weather during the summer.

While waiting for his appointment, I did work for my day job on the laptop unit. I was amazed at how much faster and more efficiently I work when I have a wall in back of me instead of open space. When we move offices in a few months I have to remember to get this fixed. I mean, I did what would've taken me at least five hours on site in way less time off-site.

Warren also had a glucose torture tolerance test while waiting. They gave him "glucola" to drink, and he started getting really fatigued as the time to draw blood drew near. I was surprised they let him go out and about during his wait time. If it had been me I'd have needed a bed, as I'd have been out cold within half an hour. I hope this stupid test proves once and for all he's not diabetic.

Beyond that, I overate. While waiting for his GTT test blood draw, I had a slice of pizza and a diet Coke. After the GTT blood draw we went to Mel's Diner, where I had corned beef hash and eggs, not even finishing all the plate of food. Dinner was over five hours later (way too long for me to go without food, yet I was barely hungry). We went to Marie Callendar's, where I had the southwest chicken pasta special and half a slice of key lime pie (to knock myself out).

Now I am bloated. Oy. I eat way too much when I'm with Warren and hope this and the past couple of days doesn't screw up my weight loss.
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