May 15th, 2004


Help with HTML

For our internal web page I'm trying to do a caption contest. I want the page to have a heading, the photo, the captions, and a place where you can add your own. When you click a button, the caption gets appended to the list of captions.

I tried cannibalizing a guestbook page and perl script, but the POST method somehow couldn't talk to the perl script.

Is there some way I could do it just using HTML and JavaScript?

Health matters

I haven't been well the last few weeks. Collapse )

To add to this, I've been getting tension headaches. I picked up a cortisol blocker (active ingredient: magnolia bark) Friday afternoon. I took a dose Friday when I got home from work and was able to get some decent sleep before dinner. I'm hoping it may be the solution to some of my physical problems.
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