September 12th, 2004


I'm losing it

I haven't written in a week because I've been exhausted. Something is wrong with me. Even more is wrong with Warren.

While I was away he threw out over $50 worth of food "because it had ants in it." I use the quotes because his judgement is impaired. "Had ants in it" could very well mean an ant was crawling around on the outside of the package or on the outside of an adjacent package. For example, I had a sealed container filled with flour in my freezer. I went to use it this morning to make brunch, but it was gone. "The ants got into it," he said. Ants in the freezer? Even I know that's impossible, so I asked him about it.

"I put it on the counter, and it was covered with ants, so I threw it out."

Excuse me, but since when do ants on the outside of a sealed container constitute them getting inside it? I'm guessing what really happened was he did something stupid like open it to see if there were ants inside when a bunch were crawling on the outside, one got in, and my flour was hosed. DUH!!!!!

Today he brought the 99lb suitcase into my room while I was trying to rest. I knew something was massively wrong when he was lifting it with one hand. He was struggling to open it. I had to yell at him for 15 minutes to find out what he did with the contents of this suitcase which I had specifically told him not to touch and to leave open in the living room till I could finish emptying it.

"It was covered with grime," he said. "It smelled funny." What had happened was some shampoo Mom had given me had leaked open. Even though it was in a plastic bag, he had decided everything adjacent to it was supposed to be thrown out. He threw out about $40 in toiletries which were perfectly good and sealed. I just spent five minutes digging through garbage before he came by to berate me into stopping. As I rinsed the soap suds off the sealed bottles, he yelled at me to "wash everything." What the hell did he think I was doing?

He then asked me if I wanted my old suitcase thrown out. "No," I replied. "I need to take it to American Airlines to get my money."

"I can't find any of the tags," he said.

Wait. The tags were firmly attached to that suitcase. I had instructed him not to remove them before I left for the east coast.

"How did they get off there?" I exclaimed.

"They fell off," he replied. "Fell off," my ass! He couldn't remember how they "fell off" or why he would even be handling that suitcase which was safely (so I thought) ensconced in my storage room.

That was $200 I was counting on. What he did was effectively take $200 and flush it down the toilet. I couldn't find the tags. I suspect he shredded them.

I love the man, but I don't know how much more of this I can take. I can see what causes this behavior on an MRI. The cyst is crushing his left temporal lobe and his hippocampus. In other words, he does stupid things and then can't remember doing them. When there's a "why," it's stupid.

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