October 12th, 2004


Pursuing dreams

A few months ago I'd heard from an old friend who used to run regular gatherings of single folks on the Net. Bob has since gotten married; he and his wife are happily living in Maine. Bob contacted the regulars from the ba.singles "boinks" he could think of and is organizing a get-together in November. Today I heard from him again with an update.

I was looking at his web page, and I've been reading about the trip he and his wife, Deb, did across the country on bicycle. Bob is older than I am, so I was especially impressed. This had been a lifelong dream of his, and he was able to talk Deb into doing it with him. I've been reading the travelog of their trip, and I've been really impressed. They did the trip with the intent of not just covering ground, but of seeing and experiencing the country.

Several other friends, some of whom are on LJ, have also gotten out of high tech and have pursued or are pursuing other dreams. I'm noticing that amongst the folks I hang with, a lot of us are doing the "daring" stuff only associated with much younger adults -- sweeping career changes, major trips, and so forth. I am glad I'm not the only one in this situation.

To all of you out there pursuing your dreams: Keep it up. Please. If someone decides you're not worth being around because you've left or are trying to leave the high tech industry, they're not worth being around. Your struggles, trials, and tribulations are an inspiration to the rest of us -- like me -- and I rarely get inspired by anything.
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