November 6th, 2004


This is screwed up

My first mortgage is with Washington Mutual.

WAMU was sucking escrow payments for insurance out of me when I already had insurance. My insurance co. repeatedly sent them info to that effect, but only when the agent at my office switched did WAMU get this information. They informed the agent they'd be sending me a check for the amount they'd sucked out of me (a little over $1500.00 -- not exactly chump change!).

This was in mid-October, and the check has yet to arrive. I called earlier this week and they assured me the disbursement had been made, although the amount they gave was around $1100 and not $1500. Today I called to find out a) where they'd sent the check and b) what ever happened to that extra $400.

Well...according to the customer service rep, they removed the insurance money and put it back into my escrow account. In other words, they merely reclassified the money in the account instead of giving me what's rightfully mine.

I'm ready to scream.
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Share the fuzzies meme

1. Stop talking about politics for a moment or two.
2. Post a reasonably-sized picture in your LJ, NOT under a cut tag, of something pleasant, such as an adorable kitten, or a fluffy white cloud, or a bottle of booze. Something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS.
3. Include these instructions, and share the love.

I call this photo "doggie bag." I was at Denver Airport eating dinner when Lady decided to poke her head out of her Sherpa Bag: